Knitting Snob Test

snob-yobFind out what type of knitter you are, just answer these simple questions and see how you rank in the world of knitting.

Will you be a thoroughbred Yarn Snob or prove to be a Yarn Yob?

How well do you know your yarns and how much does it really matter to you?


Are You a Yarn Snob or Yarn Yob

A friend asks what yarn you would recommend for an Aran sweater for her 6 year old grandson. How do you answer?

How do you store your yarn stash?

You win a knitting related competition. The prize is 10 balls of an acrylic blend yarn in any colours you want. How do you feel?

You are in a yarn store and a sales person asks if you would like to try some Qivuit. How do you reply?

What do you do with your current project when you are not working on it?

A friend has been given some 100% angora yarn. He wants to know if it would be a good choice for sports socks. How do you reply?

You are asked for advice on how to wash a hand knit wool sweater. What advice do you give?

If you were only allowed 1 of the following, which would you choose?

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